Leek Food Bank

We are now collecting in churches for the Leek and District Foodbank and you will find a “shopping list” of suitable foods below – in date please! Since opening in June 2013 we have helped to feed hundreds of familes and help them through their time of crisis.

We need:


    • Milk (UHT or powdered)
    • Sugar (500g)
    • Fruit juice (carton)
    • Soup
    • Pasta sauces
    • Sponge pudding (tinned)
    • Tomatoes (tinned)
    • Cereals
    • Rice pudding (tinned)
    • Tea Bags/instant coffee
    • Instant mash potato
    • Rice/pasta
    • Tinned meat/fish
    • Tinned fruit
    • Jam
    • Biscuits or snack bar

A Year of the Lord’s Favour 2013

This year at St Edward’s and St John’s we are marking a Year of the Lord’s Favour as we try and live a little more Jesus’ kingdom manifesto from Luke 4.14- 21.

A Year in the Lord's Favour

How can we be ….

  • good news for the poor
  • freedom for the prisoner
  • sight for the blind
  • liberty for the oppressed