What we do

Our work with the community focuses on 5 key principles

1. Fairly Traded Goods

‘Churches Together in Leek’ promote of the sale of fairly traded goods.

As well as encouraging our congregation to buy tea, coffee, dried fruit, cereals, jewellery and stationary bearing the name ‘Traidcraft’ and the description ‘Fairly Traded’

We take part in the staffing of the Traidcraft stall which is set up each Wednesday morning at Trinity Church in Derby Street, just a few minutes walk from St Edward’s The stall is also open on the first Saturday in each month.

If you would like to know more about Traidcraft goods and how you can help to ensure that the people who make or grow these goods get a fair return for their labours.

On the book table in the Parlour at the rear of the Church, you will find a catalogue and order forms so if you don’t see it on the stall, it can be ordered for you.

Visit the the Traidcraft site here – www.traidcraft.co.uk