(*Or with very few!)

Sometimes praying can be difficult or feel impossible. When we have no words, how do we pray?

Depending on our background, our ways of praying can be exclusively word-based and we can even be afraid we are not praying ‘properly’ or in the ‘right’ words.

Christian tradition includes forms of prayer that are non-word-based, reflecting that there are different ways we can communicate with God and God with us – not all involving words.

On this morning we will explore some practical ways of praying without words, primarily using Sybil McBeth’s Praying in Color. This uses doodling to pray without having to use sentences at all but just a pen and paper. It involves not just the mind but the body in a physical activity. And it uses creativity without needing any art skills. It’s a way of praying that many people have found helpful.

If you’re looking for another way of prayer to add to your vocabulary, or you are looking for a more helpful way to pray on your own, this morning is designed for you.

The morning will feature workshop sessions with space to use what we learn in personal prayer. It will be suitable for adults and older children.

Materials will be provided but feel free to bring your favourite coloured pencils or pens.

The morning will end with home-cooked lunch together.

Suggested donation is £10.
(If the cost is a barrier you are welcome to come and give what you can.)

You can book a place here.

If you would like to know more please call Mike Fitzsimmons on 01538 382483 or e-mail stchadsleek@gmail.com