Lent Quiet Day

We don’t often get a chance to engage with the prayer of lament, but this form of prayer is modelled in scripture and valuable for being real in our relationship with God.

Towards the end of Lent, we might reflect on how the world is still affected by pain, injustice, sorrow and loss. How do we deal with the sadness and outrage of suffering in the world and our own lives?

This day will offer an introduction to lament with some biblical guidance and space to engage with lamenting prayer at your own pace.

The day will be framed in the context of the God whose love is unending, whose will is for the good of the whole world and to whom we can bring all our emotions and responses to the wrongs we perceive in complete trust. There will also be people available to pray with anyone who would like it.

The day will include a shared home-cooked lunch.

Suggested donation: £10.
(If the cost is a barrier you are welcome to come and give what you can.)

You can book a place here.

If you would like to know more please call Mike Fitzsimmons on 01538 382483 or e-mail stchadsleek@gmail.com