A contemplative study morning with Rev Preb Roger M Vaughan.

Roger Vaughan writes…

In my teens I studied science at Grammar School.  On Sundays I played the organ in a local mission church. At first it seemed like two different worlds!  However, Mr Gill, a science teacher at the school and also a devout Christian realised the difficulties many of us had, reconciling science and religion. So after school, he showed “Fact and Faith” films. These focussed on some of the wonders revealed by science, and the majesty of a creating God.  On one memorable occasion he invited J.B. Phillips to speak to us about a book he was writing “Your God is too small” – hence my title.

Throughout my life I have tried to integrate my limited scientific knowledge with my continuing quest for a relevant spirituality for today. I am faced with the mystery and majesty of a creative God and the revealed intimacy of a relationship with Jesus through the Holy Spirit. (Of course my God is too small on both counts!)

So this contemplative study morning simply seeks to raise the issues, whilst allowing time for participants to reflect and pray about the wonder of a Trinitarian God, and the creation of which we are part.

At the end of the morning a home-cooked lunch will be provided.

Suggested donation: £14


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