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Hymns for May 2019

5th  Family Eucharist

205 Glorious things of thee are spoken

754 Ye choirs of new Jerusalem

716 We have a gospel to proclaim

672 Thine be the Glory

Communion 66 Be still and know that I am God


12th  Sung Eucharist & Benediction

379 Lead us heavenly Father lead us

643 The God of love my shepherd is

297 How sweet the name of Jesus sounds

Communion 67 Be still for the presence of the Lord


434 Loving shepherd of thy sheep

340 Jerusalem the golden


19th  Sung Eucharist

54 At the name of Jesus

503 O Jesus I have promised

398 Lights abode celestial Salem

Communion 82 Bread of heaven


26th Sung Eucharist

84 Breath on me breath of God

227 God of mercy God of grace

408 Lord enthroned in heavenly splendour

Communion 87 Broken for me

Hymns for June 2019

2nd Family Eucharist

255 Hail the day that sees him rise

32 And can it be

359 Jesus shall reign

644 The head that once was crowned with thorns

Communion 126 Come risen Lord


9th Sung Eucharist & Benediction

84 Breathe on me breath of God

114 Come down o Love divine

19 All my hope on God is founded

Communion 143 Dearest Jesu


541 O thou who camest from above

428 Love divine all loves excelling


16th Sung Eucharist

286 Holy Holy Holy

174 Firmly I believe and truly

684 Thou whose almighty word

Communion 299 I am the bread of life 1 – 4


23rd Sung Eucharist

144 Dear Lord and Father of mankind

186 For the healing of the nations

636 The churches one foundation

Communion 387 Let us break bread together


30th Sung Eucharist

683 Thou didst leave thy throne

463 My song is love unknown

153 Eternal Father

Communion 610 Soul of my saviour



Choir Rehearsal:

Takes place every Thursday at 7.00pm in All Saints Church.