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Hymns for April 2019


7th April Family Eucharist

572 Praise to the Holiest

32 And can it be

165 Father of Heaven

394 Lift high the cross

Communion 34 And now O Father 1,2 & 4

Tune 1 Unde et Memores


14th April Palm Sunday Sung Eucharist

& Benediction

583 Ride on ride on in majesty

14 All Glory Lord and honour

97 Christ is made the sure foundation

Communion 47 As we are gathered (repeat)


683 Thou didst leave thy throne

463 My song is love unknown


18th April Maundy Thursday  Sung Eucharist & Vigil

  19 All my hope on God is founded

35 A new commandment

448 Meekness and Majesty

522 Once only once and once for all


Communion 555 Peace perfect Peace 1,2 & 4


 19th April Good Friday Joint Evensong

738 When I survey the wondrous cross

657 There is a green hill

333 It is a thing most wonderful


 Communion 87 Broken for me


 21st April Easter Day Sung Eucharist

256 Hail thee festival day

348 Jesus Christ is risen today

637 The day of resurrection

672 Thine be the Glory


28th April Easter 2 Sung Eucharist

16 All hail the power of Jesus name

9 Alleluia Alleluia heats to heaven

408 Lord enthroned in heavenly splendour



Choir Rehearsal:

Takes place every Thursday at 7.00pm in All Saints Church.