One hundred years since WWI

Meeting God in Lament

Saturday 10th November, 10.00am to 3.00pm

One hundred years from the end of WWI, we are prompted to reflect that the world is still afflicted by pain, injustice, sorrow and loss. How do we deal with the sadness and outrage of suffering we see in the world and in our own lives?

Lament in prayer includes crying out in complaint or outrage – to God or with God. It has a strong biblical foundation, especially in the psalms. During this day there will be some reflection on lament as a form of prayer and then there will be space to reflect together and to spend individual time with God. There will be different materials to respond to and ways of bringing our laments to God.

We will then be guided to welcome God’s hope and light into things which currently are causing sadness and pain.

The day will include a shared home-cooked lunch.

Suggested donation: £10.


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