Sunday Pattern at All Saints’ Church:

  • 08:00 Holy Eucharist (BCP on first Sunday of each month; CW on other Sundays)
  • 9:30 Sung Eucharist (CW) On the seconf Sunday, this service often includes Holy Baptism and, usually on the third Sunday, it is in the form of a Family Eucharist, which is slightly shorter and less formal.
  • 9:30 Children’s Church – usually on the first and fourth Sundays
  • 16:00 Evensong (BCP) First Sunday Evensong is with Benediction and the last Sunday Evensong is with healing

Additional Information:

BCP = Book of Common Prayer, originally published in 1662 – formal services following the original pattern

CW = A formal service, based on Common Worship and adapted for use at All Saints’