June is the National Month of Prayer for Parent & Toddler Groups.
Logo for National Strategy for Christan Toddler Groups
Right across the country, every day of the week, local churches (8 in Leek alone!) open their doors to welcome in people from different backgrounds, races and religious beliefs.

For many young children and their parents, the Parent & Toddler group is a highlight as they meet up with friends to play and chat, but for many it is also the only time they will come into contact with a local church community.

The Statistics

Research has shown that over half of the nearly 4 million under 4s in the UK are part of a church based Parent & Toddler group, with around 27,000 churches running these groups.

Your Prayers are Needed

Please pray for all our group leaders and volunteers, that they may be encouraged, supported and resourced in all that they aim to be and do for God.

Please pray for parents, grandparents and carers who come into our buildings each week, that they may see the love of Christ though those that serve.

More Information on Leek & Meerbrook Parent & Toddler Groups

Leek & Meerbrook Team Parish run Parent & Toddler groups in each District. You can find more information by clicking through the following links:

More Information on 1277: Make Them Count

1277: Make Them Count is an alliance of churches and other agencies that support the work of church based Parent & Toddler groups. Their vision is to see universal access to excellent, safe, Christian Parent & Toddler groups that demonstrate God’s love at the heart of their communities.

The significance of the number 1277? 1277 is the number of days a child has before they start school.

To find out more information, please visit 1277: Make Them Count online.